About Our Films

...Since you never listened to your mother anyway, we invite you to join the Twilightshow universe, and see one of our films. Our promise is only that, once you start watching the movie, you’ll want to stay tuned till the end. If you find yourself watching it over and over, please put down the knife, and drop us an email. If, however, you hated it, we advise you to watch it over and over...

If you like treasure maps, alien possessions, giant spider-dogs and watching an old woman get beat to death with a pipe wrench, you might enjoy “The Dead Link.”

If you’re more into electrocutions, captive bondage, soul sucking lasers and mutants named “Dice,” you’ll probably find “The Devil’s Playhouse” more to your liking.

If your thing is singing the national anthem while doing jumping jacks with a rubber chicken up your bung hole, then you should probably just seek psychiatric help.

So, purchase a Twilightshow film for this weekend. Behind the zombies, immortals and time traveling assassins, you’ll find thought provoking stories of passion and grit. They aren’t, what one would call, “Hollywood” films, but they certainly entertain and keep you out of trouble on a friday night.

...And hey, isn’t that all your mother really wanted?


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