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A modern, steampunk short film posted on our "Deviant Theater" YouTube channel.

The Devils Playhouse


A twisted mix of action, nudity, SFX and disturbing situations.

The Dead Link


A group of amateur treasure hunters battle with the evil spirit of an ancient creature.

Deviant Theater


Director Ben Juhl hosts a pulpish short film series that includes video logs, DIY tips, and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

The short film "MR. GUN"

Would you like to be in a movie?

If you live in the Phoenix area and want to be part of the Twilightshow team, Email us your pictures and info. today!

  Company Information  


Twilightshow Production

Production requires courage. It requires leadership and the ability to follow through with what you start. It calls for teamwork and a solid infrastructure. It requires attention to detail by an extremely talented group.

This is Twilightshow Entertainment...

Ben Juhl - Writer/Director

Casey Goode - Director of Photography

Toby Fulp - Camera Operator

Ben Juhl (far right) directs the next scene with masterful precision, while the wonder twins, Toby Fulp (camera operator) and Casey Goode (director of photography), completely ignore his genius. Dan Colmenares (focus puller, camera assistant) is actually standing right beside them. He's a four foot tall, Irishman with an extremely large head. Just kidding... He's not really Irish.

J.P. Welgus - Editor

While on set, Editor, J.P. Welgus carefully follows all rules to the letter.

Andy Knapp (center) - Gaffer

Round about 2:00 a.m., Casey, Andy and Toby are still going strong.

"Don't ask me. I'm just the Director."

Behind the Scenes courtesy of Chris Settlemoir.

Production Photos courtesy of Artem Altounian.



When you work with an independent film company like Twilightshow, you often wear many hats.

For writer/director, Ben Juhl, this means rolling up your sleeves to create your own props and visual effects...

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Company History:

Twilightshow was conceived in Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer of 2000 by writer/director Ben Juhl.

In 2002, Twilightshow’s first full-length feature, “The Dead Link,” was released on DVD. The film starred Juhl in the lead role with Jose Rosete playing his younger brother. The feedback was very positive, both from online critics and viewers alike.

Next, came “The Devil’s Playhouse.” Written by Rosete and Juhl, the content pushed the envelope exploring what may, or may not, work on film. The result was a twisted piece of edgy cinema that works well as a fun exploitation film.

In 2007, Juhl moved production to Los Angeles.

In 2009, the short film “Mr. Gun,” starring Jose Rosete and Tommy Mac, was accepted as an official selection in The Los Angeles Horror/Scifi Film Festival (Shriekfest), the Maelsrom International Fantastic Film Fest, and the SoCal Film Festival- Huntington Beach.

Juhl worked in the Hollywood area on a number of independent films, documentaries and commercial projects. In 2011, he returned to Phoenix.

Company Philosophy:

Our films our way!

It’s not ego. The stories are surgically constructed to pair with the unique challenges faced in independent film production.

To create something with a high level of production value, the team needs the freedom to remain flexible and take advantage of unique opportunities. To do so with limited funds, means doing things differently than the Hollywood producers who have truckloads of money to burn. It’s just that simple, and has nothing to do with the fact that they feel superior to all of you inferior humans on this puny planet.


Director of Productions:

Email: DirectorBenJuhl@GMAIL.COM

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