Makeup and Prop FX
Bite me!
Something fishy.
Did you do something to your hair?
Sunblock... Anyone?
Now, which one of you has the splitting headache?
The blood really goes with that outfit.
A major pain in the neck.
OK, who's got a knife?
Two heads are better than one.
Anyone get the number to that truck?
The creepier, "Joe-in-the-box" never quite caught on.
Nothing says "cool" like an exposed trachea.
You're right... That was a big zit.
Billy wasn't like the other boys.
Are you horny baby?
Stick around dude.
...And your prescription is?
Some major heart burt.
Honestly, I hate when they spill their guts.
Holy crap! Was I THAT drunk last night?


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